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Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you spend your time

I’m a burned-out, charming ex-addict who practices muay thai. On my spare time, but also when I shouldn’t, I’m hoeing for likes on instagram. Sobriety haven’t got me comfortable enough in my skin to exist, so I’m quite antisocial and therefore generally bored.

Why did you choose photography as your primary medium?

As a kid and adult, getting through text never came naturally to me, but I got very easily hypnotised by images. So my parents got me my first SLR when I was 9 years old, and they built me a darkroom under the stairs in our childhood house. I think I choose it at that age cause it was much cooler to be a photographer then, than it is today thanks to the digitalisation. And today I choose it because it’s what I’m good at, not very romantic. I always thought talent was a curse. But today, actually surprised by myself, I’m thankful I’ve got photography to fall back on as almost every other aspect of my life has fallen apart.

How would you describe your work and what are your central topics? 

I have no central topics, and I can’t really describe what I do. Or I guess my central topic is emotions, in every form. What’s left of me is only kept alive by expressing sentiments throughout photography. As most addicts, I’m still quite self focused and egoistic. No ambition to do any good or change the world, I’m too depressed for that shit.

What does print mean to you in our digital age? 

Lol what a question. I dunno, but I guess it could be a measurement of how pretentious a photographer is. 

Can’t really tell the difference, I think that printed photographies are fragile, change color throughout time and easily gets ruined. But at the same time so does digital stuff that we now so fully rely on. 2010 I backed up all my digital work (2002-2010) and burned it on CDs, and today I don’t even have a computer with a CD-drive. Nothing lasts forever, and soon everything and all we know will be forgotten. So nothing really matters.

Can you tell us something about any upcoming projects of yours?



31st of January 2017 Archive Collective Magazine "the earth issue" launch party London- register for the event

3-5th of February 2017 group exhibition "inside instagram" at onomato künstlerverein curated by Marlène Meyer-Dunker 

3-5th of February 2017 solo exhibition "alzheimer" at düsseldorf photo weekend, Katharina Mayer Atelier

16th of March 2017 Launch of SATORI- "the stillness issue" held at motherlondon

"For Stockholm-based artist Alba Giertz, taking photographs is a cathartic and emphatic process. She looks to her surrounding natural environment to find solace and solidity “in a world that can seem empty and vapid”. The photographs she produces are stark and sombre and wholly mysterious; a shot of a gently rippling body of water beneath rocks tinged with purple hues is titled Your voice was so soft, adding a distinctly human element to the intriguing natural landscape she chooses as her subject."

-AnOther Magazine 2017

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2017 Lovzine- issue #1

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2017 BENEATH THE SALT- order here

2017 SATORI "the stillness issue"- order here

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